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The Bairnsfather Case

Published September 1920

G.P. Putnam


Carry On Sergeant!

Published March 1927

Bobbs-Merrill Co.


Bullets & Billets

Published December 1916

Grant Richards


Jeeps & Jests

Published June 1943

G.P. Putnam


No Kiddin’!

Published April 1945

G.P. Putnam


Laughing through the Orient

Published March 1933

Hutchinson & Co


Old Bill & Son

Published November 1940

G.P. Putnam


Wide Canvas An Autobiography

Published October 1939

John Long


Bairnsfather A Few Fragments from His Life

Published December 1916

Hodder & Stoughton


The Collected Drawings of    Bruce Bairnsfather

Published 1931

W. Colston Leigh


Old Bill Stands By!

Published April 1939



Old Bill Does It Again!

Published July 1940



Old Bill Looks at Europe

Published 1935

Dodge Publishing Company





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Fragments from France

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